Manipulating Data with Framian

Written by Tom Switzer on October 9, 2014

Pellucid engineer, Tom Switzer, talked about one of our many open source projects, Framian, at NY Scala. Below is a video and description of the talk.

"Manipulating Data with Framian"

Tom Switzer - "Manipulating Data with Framian" at NY Scala A lot of tools exist for performing off-line, ad-hoc data analytics, or on-line data analytics when the data can be defined ahead of time. However, there are few simple libraries for working with and analyzing data on-demand, such as when generating visualizations for the web. In these cases, the data isn't defined until the visualization or analysis is required, so many of the traditional data analytic tools don't apply.

Framian is a recently open sourced library, written in Scala, which aims to provide simple abstractions for working with typed, ordered series data (eg. time series), as well as heterogeneous data tables (similar to R's data frame). This talk will give an introduction to Framian, some of the key concepts and abstractions, and show some examples of how Framian can make working with "small" data better.